45 Pounder Hucho - awesome catch!

Faunafly 16.02.2022 11:11

Can a Hucho fishing day be better than this!?

A visit from the Switzerland - that ends with a spectacular Hucho catch!! Our returning guest Mr. Bojan V. who is living in the Switzerland for many years now - has not forget about his motherland Slovenia - and jewels that lives in her rivers - Huchos! Already proving himself with a gorgeous catch of a Giant hucho back in 2019, he hasn`t expect to be able coming even close to such tag again - but our Pro Hucho fishing Guide AL had other intentions - new attack on the Giant! We toke Bojan and his best college Werner on the Sava Bohinjka river - which remembers and rewards here lost returning Sons - obviously! BAAANG and Hucho fishing History had been written again!! Big congratulations to everybody involved in this drop-jaw catch!!!