APRIL 1st Major Flyfishing opening is happening - Government closing down Fly shops..

Faunafly 31.03.2021 12:18

Can it gets more frustrating? Probably not..

April 1st was always a major day to celebrate, since most of Slovenian rivers started their fly fishing seasons, while in 2021 Government choose April 1st as a day 1 of 11 days long lock down to flatten the infection rate graphs.. :-/ what a better gift for the anglers and fly shops, Guiding services and similar! Bottom line of this news - Fly fishing season opens tomorrow - but how will you be able to use this info - a whole other story.. if any one would be having strong intention to come - here is the link to our Fly fishing Slovenia page where we posted the conditions to enter Slovenia. Fauna Flyshop in Bled must now be closed until April 11th.. We are delivering all the orders from Faunaflyshop.si on a daily basis since the post offices are working normally. Orders are also accepted on our cell ph. +38641633147 and are usually dispatched within the same day. Feel free to call us..