April on half and Trout fishing on Full!

Faunafly 16.04.2021 12:50

We have had a super cold April if to believe the statistic measurements! Ok, winter was even colder, so why the drama? In fact - the cold helped us to have our rivers nicely fishable! Snow did not melt except maybe on the warmest parts of the day but that did not affect water levels.. Dry flies were not much in needs since the cold keeps the hatches down.. But if one would insist, some strikes could be expected.. Krka river in particular prefers dry fly fishing since the under water plants grew high and streamer-nymph fishing is difficult.. Once again, the fly of the month was Leech! We had prepare a new, slightly lighter series of the Micro Leech streamers, that can be fished as a nymph with Euro nymph tech and gear - or as a classic small streamer.. Feedback is shown on the image gallery - thank you C.Gruber for contributing and feedback on the Leeches! Tight lines!!