April opens Slovenian fishing realms

Faunafly 01.04.2022 11:13

Challenges of the 2022 Flyfishing are here!

Ending sunny and very cold March and entering into April in it`s usual style - wet and rainy! Nevertheless - the rain that arrived yesterday was much needed - all Slovenia suffered from drought, very low river levels and lots of forest fires endangering wildlife and some settlements already! Focusing on the fly fishing - Several exciting fishing areas open their waters for fly fisherman on today`s date:

Sava Bohinjka with Bled and Institute areas - Sava Dolinka with Moste Lake - Soca and her tributaries Lepena and Koritnica - Idrijca - Savinja - Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj.

Fishing on the listed rivers is picking up with the nicer weather forecast from Sunday April 3rd onward. Levels are good already, a bit milky but fishable at least with nymph and smaller streamers. Fishing permit prices remaining the same as they were  back in 2020 and 21, see attached Bled district price-map. Well - to be very exact regarding that - Fishing Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka increased the price to keep-fish permit, which jumped from 70,00 in 2021 to 80,00 in 2022, but we shall consider that as a positive news - more fish left for us - C&R anglers ;-)

Fauna Retails fly shop in Bled nicely loaded with flies and fresh stock of the TMC leaders and tippets - welcome to visit us! In case our opening hours 9-13 don`t fit to your time table - give us a call on +38641633147 and we shall adapt!

Lake trout fishing on Alpine lakes Bled and Bohinj is open and this is surely something that needs our attention now - since this specie is on a good way to become top 3 on the list of must catch - together with the famous Hucho-hucho and Marble Trout of Slovenia!

Belly boat paradise - Trophy part of the Sava Dolinka - Lake Moste opened aswell, a bit cold and windy conditions but first anglers already hoovering over there on their bellies and seeking the right depth to hook up with those super-powerful rainbows! Contact us if you want to see how your backing looks like - our Guides are ready!