Black Monster Hucho came on the Light!

Faunafly 22.12.2020 21:56

How the skilled Fly rod handles a Hucho of 115cm!

What looked like a classic - hard clear water chasing for the spooky Huchos - was not that at all! Regardless the low and clear water which usualy makes Hucho-hucho become very careful - even shy, this morning some thing was in the air - or should we say in the water!? Fish was nervous and we saw them cruising up and down the rocky bank of the Sava Bohinjka. They did not really want to move to the mids of the river to expose them self.. But down there deep in the shadows - they were nervous! The big boss - was chasing away smaller competition all morning long.. And than, that very fish dissapeared from our sight.. a bad sign? Not at all! That can mean two things - either Hucho swam away - or was hiding for the ambush! In our case it was this second! Once AL made the long backcast to the rocky pool and the streamer dissapeared down to those rocks - oh man... the pull was like hooking a small car! The camera maybe missed only 15sec after the hook was set - it was early enough to caught so called 1st volcano that angry Huchos do by hitting the surface, trying to get rid of the hook! Luckily AL mastered the fight to perfection and the King finally surrended.. but it was a long fight as you will see.. Those muscles did not want to give up at all!   

See the full fight also on Video! >>> <<<<

Looking at the battle, one can now understand why all the material used for the Hucho-hucho fishing should be of the 1st class! Especialy the Hooks and tippet material!

All our >> HUCHO STREAMERS << are tied on world`s sharpest Japanese hooks TMC600SP! The hooks were designed to cut into the jaws of the Tarpon - and do pretty good job also with the jaws of the Huch-hucho!