Chaotic Flyfishing - but hey, that`s life!

Faunafly 09.06.2021 17:45

Weather is mixing fishing conditions on a daily basis!

What is happening at the moment could be described as a passage from super wet spring directly into the stormy summer! Temperatures are climbing up and with a very humid air masses - storms are on their march! Weather forecast is changing on a daily basis and is hard to guess more than few days ahead what will be happening - but it looks like that until the middle June rainy period should slowly end.. At last, since it rains from April almost every day.. Flyfishing traffic on all the rivers of Slovenia slowly increasing but in general our guessing is that we are kind-a on 25-30 % of our "normal" June visitors.. That means it might be worth the effort of making that COVID test and arrive on the fly fishing - you will not be experiencing usual June rush of the anglers on the Slovenian rivers.. LEVELS: Sava Bohinjka, Sava Dolinka, Soca, Unica are on their high levels, while Idrijca, Krka and all the smaller tributaries of those rivers are just a bit strong or normal. FLIES: the super wet and cold spring pushed most of the hatches to June, so you can experience a very mix of all kind-a bugs flying around the rivers.. Stone flies, caddis, Ephemeras and Mayfly are most common what you will be seeing out there.. But because almost all Slovenian fish had perfect feeding conditions during the spring - they are careful what are they rising to! Dry fly fishing at the moment can be described as - demanding.. but also rewarding, especially if a big Brown hits on your Stone Fly Irresistible pattern tied on hook size 8 :-) All the images from the attached gallery were taken no more that a week ago, so you can see the actual river levels and conditions.. If some one reading this will still stay at home for some reason - let him be looking at our new video release about how to treat his Gore-Tex waders :-) Do the process so the Waders will be ready for the move - when your time 2 fly fish Slovenia comes!! If some one visiting SLO during June - make sure you grab a few of the Stone fly rubber leggers! They can lift a fish up to the surface even if no hatch - from their pure aggression to the movement on the surface.. And those rubbers do hell of a movement, believe us ;-)

Make sure your Waders get some treatment from time to time! How? watch below....