END OF JUNE was tons of Fishing fun!

Faunafly 01.07.2021 10:03

Record breaking heat of the end of June

At the moment of this update, temperatures already drop down to some 20 celsius, but recent week hammered down with 30+ degrees C, which broke the 10 years temperature record for June! How this affected the fly fishing? Well, we fished like midst of August - very early morning and late afternoons! During the day - shirts off and bonding with the cold river to keep you fresh! Fishing was and still is particular - enough water in all the Alpine rivers keeping fish active and playful! Any way you fly fish - Streamer, nymph, dry - you can catch some. Choosing proper fly is a must, since the Trout and especially Grayling will will be picky about what they want.. But once you figure out the right fly - easy job hooking them up! News and feedback from our Guides: Soca river having snow run water, streamer gets the trout easily, Grayling will be tempted by a nymph during the day, evening should provide some rises on caddis but smaller sizes.. Unica river: Good activity on early morning time, 7.30 - 10.30 than lazy activity until late afternoon when various hatches can cause some fish to rise.. consider staying on the Unica till very late hours to get some stronger dry fly activity happen.. Idrijca: Tough life due to the low levels - 7X tippets, #16-20 SIMPLE designed flies will give you best results.. Savinja: Strong pressure from the anglers made Trout a bit bitten-up and consequentially more selective.. check availability of the fishing permit before you head your way over there..

The first week of July will be having an unstable weather with possible local T-storms and often showers.. temperatures cool down, which is OK for a mid-day time fly fishing.. Overall - all good for planing some fly fishing trip for the end of this week and onward! Fauna Flyshop in Bled opens daily at 08am. Welcome to visit any time!