Ending 2020/2021 Hucho-hucho Fishing Season

Faunafly 18.02.2021 08:51

Unforgettable Huchen fishing season how ever one looks upon it..

Before we kick-in new Fly fishing season of 2021 with March 1st, let us just mention on this place which dates you should be keeping on your minds - if you want to be a part of the new Hucho-hucho fishing thrills later this year.. Different Hucho fishing rivers in Slovenia open their seasons on a different dates. If you are paying some attention to the opening dates, some very interesting Huchen fishing trip combinations can be tailored. Below we shall shortly describe few most important opening dates and best Hucho fishing areas in the country of Slovenia;

October 1st 2021:Hucho fishing season on the Big Sava river (down from the confluence of the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka) opens for spin and fly fishing. WHILE regular Fly fishing is still allowed! That could mean that one day you can fish for the Hucho with a spinning rod or heavier fly rod - and the other day you can be flyfishing for the Graylings with a nymph.. That can be done until October 31st. Hence onward - only Hucho fishing can be allowed. During month October, regular Trout fly fishing can be done also on the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka river - basically on most Slovenian rivers.. This is a good month to be in Slovenia if you are a fly fisherman. In case you are not having heavy spinning or Flyfishing gear - contact us - we can hire it for you.. no need to bring yours.. 

November 15th 2021:Hucho fishing season opens on the Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka. With this date, regular fly fishing on the mentioned two rivers is not allowed any more. Only Hucho-hucho fishing can be done. The opening week of the Hucho fishing on the Sava Bohinjka is a very very popular timing.. Meaning, either you BOOK your Guide soonest (Guide is obligatory on this areas) or you wait for the rush of the 1st week settles down and you plan your visit after.. Note! Sava Bohinjka has 3 fishing clubs.. while the Hucho-hucho season is open on the Bled part with Nov.15th, one fishing area up - so called Institute part of the Sava Bohinjka still allows regular trout fly fishing until Dec. 1st! Some interesting fishing tours can be tailored! 

December 1st 2021:Hucho fishing on the Institute area of previously mentioned Sava Bohinjka river hence opens for the anglers. Meaning, ALL the hucho fishing areas are now open. For serious Hucho hunters which want to fish for several days and want to fish wide area - this is the date they should be targeting at! 

The fact that with different Hucho fishing areas open on different dates might be a bit confusing for some anglers. That is why feel absolutely free to contact us any time for the detailed explanation or to book a good local Huchen Guide.. Welcome!