Exciting Hucho-Hucho Flyfishing December!

Faunafly 07.12.2020 16:05

Few Video clips from the Flyfishing Hucho-hucho on the Sava Bohinjka river

With Early December we might be expecting some Hucho-hucho fishing news!? True, there has been a vivid happening on the Sava Bohinjka river lately.. Since we are just receiving a rainy week, not all the news and catches will be revealed here - but just the warming up ones!
Hope you all have enough to do while restricted from the Fly fishing due to the Covid regulations.. We try to keep you amused by releasing some Hucho fishing news here and there. You know how hard is to catch a Hucho-hucho.. That is why we do not post on a daily basis :-) Follow the below link to see some video material from the last week`s Hucho action on the Sava Bohinjka river.. More (and bigger shall follow!)


Covid news:

  1. There is still a lock down for the Not-food shops, hotels, B&B`s and restaurants.. 
  2. Fishing is allowed, but the key question is how to arrive here to perform it.. !?
  3. Crossing the borders not sure... some say custom wants to see a Covid-negative test, other say they ask you which country you comming from and than decide either to let you in Slovenia or not..

Follow this page and get acquainted with some latest news and winter fishing Catches! Read you soon!

Matej & Faunaflyshop Team Bled