From late spring into the early Summer flyfishing!

Faunafly 14.06.2022 11:58

From late spring into the early Summer flyfishing!

Finally many of us had again experienced what a true dry fly fishing is all about! While there is more and more so called nymph fishing styles on the rivers, where anglers are using more and more worm-looking flies, the soul of very Flyfishing philosophy still rests with the dry fly. And early June was the period in which dry fly got you more strikes than any underwater fly. In short - early June 2022 was nothing but amazing dry fly action! True, some rivers were having very selective feeding from the surface.. Idrijca, Vipava, Unica - those are the hard-core dry fly rivers while Sava Bohinjka, Radovna, Upper Soca, Savinja etc can be a bit more forgiving when dry fly fishing is in action. Larger patterns and less selective fish will make your life easier ;-) Fauna flyshopi in Bled is loaded with some new fly patterns and Simms goodies, visit us if you roam nearby, we shall chat a bit and perhaps finding some magic fly that works allover aswell ;-)

HOPEFULLY we grasp for some time in late June to upload our newest flies to the again - so much work in the retail store lately that the internet sale projects are staying behind.. sorry for that, but we gonna reward you later with some best deals and best patters!! The images below are from our last GUIDING tour, on which we have had tons of fun with our visiting guests from Finland - Erkki, Markus and Ville - thanks for being a great company and just the best guests possible! Let us meet again in 2023!!

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