Hey - are you waiting for the better times to come!?

Faunafly 17.03.2021 13:04

March is a month to be out there on the river!

Thousands of cubic meters of the snow is waiting up there in the high Alps to start melting away with warmer spring temperatures...  :-O  And before that happens - rivers are waiting you low and clear! Just visited the so called Big Sava river near Radovljica time to try some new nymphs from our selection - the day was a bomb! With the sun warming up pretty chilly morning, big Rainbow Trout started to circle around, nosing down on the bottom for some nymphs or minnows... If the right nymph was presented close enough - Bang!! No questions asked! :-D Pop-in the Fauna fly shop Bled if you need some more information regarding the area of the Big sava.... The more you wait - the more you loose!