Rolling into August`s Fly fishing!

Faunafly 31.07.2021 10:14

July offered lots of sun but as well active fish!

Overall report of the ending July can be declared as very positive! Rivers finally came a live with more Fly fisherman visiting - but as well by more daily swimmers and water-sport-loving persons.. That together created conditions, when a good advise of the local Fauna Flyshop could come really handy - helping you to find the areas with a good fish population and poor human-swimming population! As the Sava Bohinjka & Soca river are on the eyes of many, Sava Dolinka and big Sava river, Trziska Bistrica, Radovna and some other less known jewels can be a perfect summer time fly fishing hide-out! Visiting us in Bled - you would get all the permits, maps, hints & tips provided instantly.
Did you know, that purchasing a fly fishing permit for the Institute`s and Bohinj areas of the Sava Bohinjka river in the Fauna Flyshop Bled grants you a free parking ticket for the fishing day!? ;-)
Since the snow melt is over and the underground caves that were full by May and June months rain - emptied, Sava Dolinka drop the levels and the power station lake Moste is reducing the flow of the Sava Dolinka almost every morning now - for the experts that should be a positive news! Low level of the Sava Dolinka is creating new and exciting fly fishing spots around Bled and further down at the confluence of the two smaller Sava rivers.. Keep an eye on those areas, they can produce some powerful fish which were before hidden by a strong and white currents of the Sava Dolinka river!
Carst rivers like Unica, Krka, Vipava, Obrh, Rizana etc are having low levels and they need a stronger rain period to become refreshed for some serious fly fishing tours.. If you still go on visiting them - 7X Fluorocarbon and hook sizes 18 or smaller is what you should be having with ya!
News from the Fauna FlyShop Bled - carrying a good stock of SIMMS boots, waders, gadgets, Polaroid sun glasses, micro fly series etc etc - open every morning at 08am - always looking forward seeing you at our doors! Full Flyfishing Gear rentals with SIMMS waders are ready to go every day! If you are visiting Slovenia and finding a day free - grab the Gear and GO! on an exciting fly fishing day.. Having a Pro Fly fishing Guide along your side would make the day even better.. Ask us any time for some Professional Guide to take you out on the river.
News from; due to much increasing work at the Retails store in Bled, we are not able to be adding new flies and fly fishing material as fast as before... New Micro Grayling series was sold out twice already and the 3rd re-stocking of the offer is planed for the midst of this week! Check it out before they fly away :-) AUGUST previsions: With the stormy nights of August 1,2nd rivers received long awaiting refreshment which will surely be kicking some action into the fish`s feeding mode! A bit more relaxing fly fishing with a bit larger flies is again expected to happen towards the ends of this week August 4-8th.. Low tributaries will again become interesting targets - as long as they don.t drop their levels down again.. Use this mixed weather conditions - in your benefit! Fauna Flyshop stands by your side with helpful hints `n tips every day! Welcome!