Hucho Fishing season 21/22 came to an end!

Faunafly 16.02.2022 11:15

What an exciting Hucho fishing season we have just closed!!

February 15th ended the 2021/2022 Hucho fishing season! At this point we would like to thanks all our Guests, Friends and Clients for their orders of our Hucho lures, Hucho streamers, Guiding service and Fly shop visits! We do all we can to provide nothing else than quality - in the gear and service! But it always has to be a room to improve - and we shall be working hard that in November 15th 2022 which is a beginning of new Hucho fishing season - you will be having all the weaponry stocked up and ready to strike! New lures, new Huchen streamers and selected Simms Gear shall be there!