Faunafly 03.01.2021 14:36

At the moment of this update, we are just in the middle of 2020/2021 Hucho fishing season in Slovenia!

Considering, that the Hucho Fishing season in Slovenia closes with February 15th - we are now in the half time! Exciting first half and good - snow/rain weather in early January are a good sign, that this year`s Hucho season will be marked as a good one! TRUE, despite the unfortunate COVID drama and restriction on Tourist Hucho Fishing! 

Attached few images to warm you up, before some new Catches and related Videos will be released on this page! 

Many of you were asking us in the past - if the Huchos have teeth? Because they are not clearly visible as they are with the pike.. YES, Hucho-Hucho Danube Salmon has teeth! They are hidden behind their massive jaws.. See the size of the cut made by a tooth of a Meter plus tag Hucho!