HUCHO-HUCHO Fishing times are here!

Faunafly 19.11.2021 12:30

November 15th saw the opening of the Hucho fishing season on the Sava Bohinjka river

Hardly anticipated day of November 15th has arrived and open the new 2021-2022 Hucho fishing season! Several local anglers and few visiting ones saw challenging conditions of very clear water and sunny weather. Overall some 6 catches happened but below 90cm tag - released back. Big ones were a bit lazy and not really so hungry - since all the Trout and Grayling are still active and as such offer enough food for the Huchos. Well, NOT ALL big boys were down - Our FFB Team member Jan managed to persuade a beautiful 113er to hit on the large Streamer on the Big Sava river! CONGRATS from our headquarters Jan! laugh Several visiting Hucho fishing Teams arriving for the end of the week - crossing fingers and sharpening the hooks! offering new Hucho fishing lures, sponge bull heads and Vobblers! As well new Hucho fishing streamers are already out and performing very well as we could see on day 1. Stay tuned for more news!