Faunafly 09.03.2022 12:11

March 1st opened new fly fishing season in Slovenia

Finally after long winter and cold Hucho fishing - some sun on the horizon! New fly fishing season 2022 is already open and first teams already arrived! Fisherman are reporting good fishing action on the Big Sava river, Sava Bohinjka Bohinj area and Krka river, while the Radovna still being very cold and with the moderate fish activity. Short dry fly fishing window when the sun is at it.s peak time - around noon time.. tiny BWO, light cdc etc is what rises the fish up. The rest of the day should be nymph or smaller streamer. (Look at the attached series of the Leeches that are giving a very good feedbacks and were developed especially for this time of the season). Wind that messed up with the lines on the opening day has settled, but the cold endures on.. down to -6 degrees during the night and highest what you will be experiencing is around 10 degrees during the day. Fauna Flyfishing Shop in Bled is open on a daily basis from 9-13 hours, but can be open also in the afternoon if you give us a call.. Many interest for our 2022 nymphs and Trout streamer collection also in the for what we thank you - we shall try our most to keep the stock and selection tempting also during late March and April! Once Bled town starts to fill with the anglers later in May, stock shall drop - don.t hesitate and order the goodies while you still can ;-) European Fly fisherman are Thousands but I have only one pair of hands for the fly tying haha... Keep strong, keep `em tight and the rest shall follow!! Yours truly - Matej. NOW available also on the Whatsapp 24/7  +38641633147

List of rivers being open in March 2022 - see HERE<<<