Into the Autumn (Dry) Flyfishing

Faunafly 07.09.2021 12:53

Calm moments on the river with small circles of rising Trout on the surface!

After the last few days of August month saw a significant cool-down with temperature around 15 degrees during the day, September turned back to hot - and dry! Most of the Alpine rivers are on their low levels and slow currents, while the chalk streams like Unica, Krka, Vipava, Obrh, Rizana etc only show some fish-able water at their deepest pools - where most of the fish population of the river is gathered in these days.. While our Flyfishing Guides know those pockets well and at the same time know how to approach them, the solitary angler that is not really familiar with such circumstances can lack some good amount of catches. Not writing this to only promote the Guiding - but to head you on the right track and towards the easier fishing rivers or streams. Looking ahead - still no rain on the weather forecast, meaning technically challenging fly fishing shall last another few weeks; Fluoro carbon tippet material or leaders in 7X, 6X (0.14mm and 0.12mm) will be required even for nymph fishing.. If one dares to approach the rivers now with dry fly - do not even bother to try with hook size 14 or larger..
October is already here! Some more quiet moments on the rivers with shorter day time and peak fly fishing moments during the day time.. At the moment rivers are still down and clear, but we might get some rain towards the early next week, October 4th onward. Well, honestly - a bit of rain would be welcome since some rivers are on their lowest levels.. We do expect normal traveling restrictions regarding the covid matters, meaning you can plan some October`s visit easily. Hence onward, news on the will get more frequent - come again soon to check for some Hucho-hucho fishing updates!