It is early to talk Hucho Fishing gear but...

Faunafly 12.05.2021 10:31

New and very interesting Jacket from SIMMS is out!

Getting into the spring-summer fly fishing season, this fishing news comes a bit - out of track, true, but before we turn, October will be here and new Hucho Salmon fishing season shall be running! We at FFB take special care about the fly fishing gear when talking this hard realm of winter Hucho fishing and fly fishing; if we track a new piece of the gear that meets the criteria of winter use - we post to public! When you go for the big goals - and surely catching a salmon Hucho-hucho is a big goal, than only the best is good enough! New SIMMS CX Jacket is available in different colors, but this one surely qualifies for our continental winter river terrain of Slovenia and Austria..

Later in the season, SIMMS CX jacket will be available in regular offer of the FaunaFlyShop as for now, we collect pre-orders. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details or placing your pre-order any time..