January is here - low levels and shy Huchos

Faunafly 14.01.2021 12:13

Cold weather and demanding fishing conditions

Fly fishing had really pushed the Hucho catching tag sky high in the recent few seasons.. we can say that now it is 1:1 with the spinning which in the not so far past was a winning hucho fishing mode.. well evolution goes it`s way we could say.. 
But regarding all the mentioned - we can not avoid the physics.. once the temperature starts to drop down below zero Celsius - fly lines start to freeze in the rings.. some help can be found by greasing the rings with >> Ice-Off paste << but even doing so - ice is a problem.. 
If you flyfish for the Hucho than you will know, that the movement of the streamer needs to be slow and with pauses in between the pulls.. and if you have -8°C in the air - that few second pause is enough that the line will freeze in the rings.. especially if that rings are small.. keep this in mind when you will be buying your next Huchen fly rod! 
But the game must go on regardless! A local FFB team member Jan knows - how it goes, and was this time able to contribute a very nice representative of the Hucho-hucho specie for our FFB News page! A very nice potential that this one will become a Giant Hucho in the next 10 years time! We hope he will reach that age tag - is not an easy life to be a Hucho living in a gin-clear habitat like Sava Bohinjka river.. Many eyes watching all the time..