Faunafly 10.07.2021 10:37

Summer is well here and Flyfishing on the cold river feels sooo good!

Glad you found this news, since it might help you make your final decision to go on the move via Flyfishing in Slovenia! Due to slow border openings, various travel restrictions still being present, rivers of Slovenia are having much less fly fisherman than in the good old days.. But this would work in your benefit if it happens you appear here; on average 30-40% of normal fisherman quota/river creates a nice, calm fly fishing environment not to mention the fish are more willing to strike since they had been less catched & released! Further more, the awful rain we had in May and June, now works in our benefit - since no river is having critically low levels.. sure, some are low (Krka, Idrijca, Vipava, Lipnica, various smaller tributaries etc) but in general - all good! The weather is up and down - meaning that few days of record heat can be interrupted with few days of heavy rain or local storms... the combination of such again works good for the feeding activity of the fish..

What`s good to mention in the Faunaflyshop chapter; new dry fly patterns are added on a weekly basis and some get sold out by the ends of the day - so if you notice a pattern that might work for you - do not hesitate or it might get gone! We are having like 10 pcs of actual stock/model only! Micro Leech series << works damn well also in July, tempting R.Bows like a magnet! Last few pcs available, since we run out of the fiber stock for at least a month time! Life of the Nymphing anglers will become a bit more hard in the second half of month July, since the average sizes of the nymph you use will drop down to #16 or less if you fish on the low level rivers.. FluoroCarbon tippet material of 7X << thickness will be a must have as well...  FaunaFlyshop will act accordingly, starting to boost our small and competition nymph sections of the Flyshop. A bit of-topic but still to mention; we found that our clients loved the new small pocket knife EF-155 << since it perfectly fits to some of many small pockets of the fly vest.. and you can`t tell when a small blade would come handy out there in the wild! Follow our "new items" button frequently so you don.t miss some of those small goodies! Bunch of SIMMS items arriving on the stock shortly as well..

To wrap this news up: If it happens you just travel threw Bled during your vacation week, behold! Fauna Flyshop in Bled hires complete Flyfishing outfit! Hit a day of the fly fishing - perhaps on the super early morning when the rest of the family still sleeping and you won.t be regretting!