Let us open 2021 Fishing season in a Winning manner!

Faunafly 09.01.2021 10:08

Must seen this Magnificent Hucho-hucho Danube Beauty!

What to say about that Beautiful catch of the Hucho-hucho Salmon - on a fly rod! Everything was close to perfection and the King Hucho released back to his home unharmed - and now even more smart and hard to catch! At this point we would like to remind every serious Hucho fisherman that once you go for your life-time catch, the Fishing gear and everything along must be of best quality and undoubted reliability! Can you imagine a bad hook, a week knot, a corrupted fly reel that would stuck once the Hucho pulled the line!? We can not imagine that. FaunaFlyshop.si takes a special care to offer you only best quality fishing gear, since we are also out there on the river and in winter.. we know what the Hucho fishing is all about!
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