Making new Hucho Fishing Friendships

Faunafly 30.11.2021 10:49

Winter is here and with her - the Hucho fishing thrills!

Second half of November already delivered winter-like weather with some drizzling rain and temperatures just above zero! Such conditions are triggering out not just the Huchos - but also the Hucho hunters!! This post is dedicated to the very noble achievement of the two Huchen Fischen brothers, who trusted their Special hucho fishing day into the hands of our skilled Hucho Guide - AL! The trust was well deserved - they BOTH landed their Hucho within the same fishing day! PERFECTION is the word that close enough describes the overall Hucho hunting project! :-D

In the post you can see also the newest Magnum sized Hucho streamers that are in use on the Alpine rivers this season - with a success as you can see ;-) Stay tuned - more of the WINTER charm arriving soon here!!