Faunafly 03.03.2021 12:48

New Trout fishing season finaly kicked in!

With March 1st, several interesting rivers in Slovenia went open for Fly fishing! While we are still preparing some map releases of the Open river locations, few images from the day 1 can already be delivered. Weather is Gorgeous and it is sooo nice to be out there! While the Trout is more or less still down deep, an hour or so in the midst of the day - when the Sun is highest, one can gain some strikes already on the dry! Larger patterns or small stone fly imitation would work best.. depends of the fish and the terrain you fish upon..
We area aware, that the Covid restrictions are still there and the borders are still down.. but if some one would be able to come across - March is the month to be here.. at least until this sunny weather lasts.. Stay tuned, we shall be posting again soon!