Faunafly 01.05.2021 11:49

Fly fishing roams forward!

April was officially declared as most wet and cold since 2007! If you add the Covid lock - downs.. it truly wasn`t any good at all in Flyfishing sense.. frown  But did this ever stopped us? Nope.. laugh More hours behind the tying bench and as you can see on the gallery and in the - it was worth the efforts! Many new nymph and Streamer patterns were developed and will be now used in the month May, whit strong currents expected.. a bit from the rain of the April and a bit from some snow melt which might happen when the temperatures will start to climb up eventually. Follow us in the news and see how the season is progressing.. Several visiting anglers are already here in Slovenia with the borders becoming more easy to cross and pensions and hotels being open now..

Weather for the 1st week of May month seems rainy and with levels of the rivers between tolerable and high.. Contact us if you are on the way to check for the latest river conditions.. Fauna Flyshop in Bled will be open every morning... +38641633147 ring-ring if you need us ;-)

Here also a nice Video (sorry for the poor quality) of spawning moments of the Hucho-Hucho! Protect the King-type specie by AVOIDING wading on the spawning areas - thank you!