Faunafly 06.05.2021 13:00

Rain and even snow holding us off the rivers

As you can see in the gallery, Weather in early May has been really weird with lots of rain and even snow! Those would be making a perfect Hucho-hucho fishing conditions, but unfortunately the season for Hucho is - closed. Trout and Grayling fly fishing on the Sava and Soca river will need to wait for at least a week before the levels will drop back to reasonably fishable.. Meanwhile we had focus on the lake Bled fishing and fly fishing which can be in good fun and challenge! Big predator streamer series that we are using in winter for the Hucho fly fishing are working as well for the Pike, while Lake Trout would prefer to hit on the Leech series of our Trout streamers.. Very fast stripping motivated the lake Trout to shoot upon attacking them.. Careless snatch of the fish resulted for several looses, but some hit the hook and stayed on :-) If you would like to experience fly fishing on Lake Bled - contact us any time :-)