October 2021 - Superb fishing!

Faunafly 20.10.2021 17:20

It has been some years since we have had such a nice October`s fishing conditions!

Days are starting later and evening is happening after 1700 hours - if we are about to describe October`s average fishing day. But in the between those two points - many thing can happen! October 2021 saw perhaps only 5 rainy days, the rest was sun or at least dry and nicely fishable! From 15th onward, Trout and Grayling were starting to hit on dry flies again - making us sold-out most of our tiny dry series which we were not able to re-tie due to busy moments in Fauna retail shop in Bled.. you might imagine coming home bitten up by the work and than seat behind the vise for another 2-3 hours.. uggghhh :-) With the end of the month, when the rush settles a bit, Fauna flyshop will be re-stock again with all the usual goodies and dries! Regarding the river reports, most of them was low and offering good fishing, regardless the tactic you approach with; small nymphs with darker shaded beads, CDC patterns of stone flies, even small streamers did their job well (Savinja)..  While we speak, also Hucho-Hucho fishing season has already open on the Big Sava river (Radovljica) and 1st Huchos were already landed! Within the next few weeks, we will slowly switch from our Trout fly fishing to the Hucho-Hucho fishing and Fly fishing, stay tuned not to miss first fishing reports and catches! By the way - Trout fly fishing season on the Sava Bohinjka remaining OPEN until November 15th! Still enough time for you to swing down here for a few fishing days!