Persistant fishing - gives results!

Faunafly 14.12.2021 11:32

Respect - and Release every Hucho!

Having a Team of skilled Hucho-Hucho fishing challengers Zdenek and Martin - under AL.s Guiding command, the old and known truth in the Hucho fishing was confirmed again; In the first hours of the day, a very nice Hucho managed to escape of the lure - which is one of the most stressful event that a Hucho angler can have out there on the river.. and keeping a moral and spirit high after such a disaster - is a hard task! But not for the two.. Keeping their focus strong, doing exactly "by the Book of AL", they concluded the day with a "Seal of the quALity" - another Hucho catch! Respect & Release say we, extending congratulations and a returning again invitation at the same time! Good job done!