Snow melt water in Sava Bohinjka!? Great!

Faunafly 07.04.2021 13:23

No rain for weeks, but the levels went up regardles!

A strange weather we have been facing in 2021 - from super warm March - to freezing early April! But we can adapt our Fly fishing easily!
When the sun triggers some snow melt in the mid day hours, we can expect that the rivers in the valley shall go up - that is a normal spring effect on all the Alpine rivers of Slovenia.. But we need to understand, that the snow melt does not colour the rivers - just pushes the levels up for some 5inch.. and when that happens, fish will be deeper and flyfisherman will need to go down with their flies to find them! Snow melt stops or slows the hatches, so Trout and Grayling are more focused for under water food sources, especially leeches and crawling nymphs that roam the bottom and get lifted from time to time by stronger water currents or flyfisherman`s boots which walk in the river.. 

A short summary of our latest activities involving Fauna Flyshop, FFB Team, Sava Bohinjka river etc - to keep you updated before we can meet again in Bled! wink

  1. We had made another round of Raft drift cleaning of the river Sava Bohinjka.. 4 60L bags filled again after only some 4km of the drift!
  2. We had visit a tributary stream Grmecica, to check for the polution up there - found none, so we relaxed and Celebrate a bit Al.s birthday :-)
  3. We had met a new starter Fly fisherman and gave him some pro-bono Guides help :-)
  4. River Sava Bohinjka is now shining - free of the plastic on her banks!
  5. Leech Streamer series is still giving great results and it will be like that until the snow won.t be melting away - somewhere in mid or late May month..