Faunafly 22.06.2021 10:46

Another great use of the Mini Leach series Streamers!

When in pursuit for a big Rainbow Trout, power station lakes can be a place to be! Surely Slovenia has several of them with the so called Gacka lake being one of the best! While is possible to catch some fish also from the banks, every serious Flyfisherman would prefer to use a belly boat - due to a simple reason - getting more of the water covered! We had asked our Fishing news contributor Mr. T. Sintobin to test some FFB Mini Leech streamers<< on his last visit over there - images tell everything :-) Fauna Flyshop Bled sells along the catchy streamers also fishing permits and maps to arrive to the p.s. Lake! Professional Guidance can be provided too... Experience the sheer power of those lake-born Rainbows!