Take care for your WADERS!

Faunafly 07.03.2021 20:19

Before the new fly fishing season kicks in - you have some time left to....

With the use on the river, our so called GORETEX waders get exposed to various dirt.. Sand, clay, mud, etc eventually block up the micro membrane in the waders, which takes care for the moisture of your body to vapour out.. The result is - your waders don`t "breath" any more and you start to sweat inside.. With the regular wash, you take care that the Waders are always fresh and the membranes can perform their task properly.. We could write more about that here, but you can take a look on the video presentation below for the detailed presentation about how to machine wash your waders. To save you time searching the Revivex Detergent - here is the link where you can find it :-) Hopefully washing your waders will become your routine and the life time of them will become longer!