Faunafly 12.02.2021 20:08

It`s not over - until it`s over!!!

Persistence and a will to catch it - and than some more persistence and hard work needed - and BANG! The fish of your year or life time or what ever special is there!! From time to time, myself Matej Gartnar FFB, have to step from behind the camera where I track many of our fishing Guests, clients, Friends catching their magnificent Huchos and deliver those catches to you via this news page, or YouTube video releases. Well, this time I had no time to mess up with the camera buttons!! The Beast kept me sweating at -8 Celsius! Strong as one can only imagine! #10 weight fly rod bent down to the handle, like a candy stick! It toke me probably 45min from the strike to the tail grasp and working all the time with the line tight as a cord! OMG - I nailed down this terrible covid season in a style of our common victory! Keep strong friends, soon we meet in Bled again!!! 

Thanks to my FFB Team members and friends AL & Jan to help me land and film this gorgeus Hucho Beast! Some moments on the Sava Bohinjka that will be remembered for my lifetime!