This must see - AWESOME 54cm Grayling landed!

Faunafly 15.06.2021 12:12

This we do not see every day (or month)

Awesome 54-er GRAYLING landed by our FFB member JAN K.! This will surely rank amongst top3 catches of the entire 2021 Flyfishing season in Slovenia! Big congrats !!! Please respect the fact that due to the protection of the magnificent fish exact location can not be directly revealed... But this one has a very good potential to reach and exceed magical border of 55+ in few years - it is as healthy as it can be! Super gentle treatment and fast release back! Wooo.........

What we can reveal is that the King was landed using 7X (0.10mm) Akron Fluorostealth Carbon leader - which was a total must have if wanting to stand a smallest chance on so big and experienced fish - in a clear water conditions!!

this kind-a fits to the above artikle ;-)