Winter Magic of the Hucho-Hucho Fishing!

Faunafly 25.01.2021 14:02

Spectacular Winter fishing Scenery of January 2021

Early January of 2021 delivered massive snow which was a true game-changer when talking Hucho-hucho fishing and fly fishing! With small dirt roads leading to the river and back being blocked, most of the movement needs to be done by foot.. and when saying by foot, we mean by foot in the 50cm of the fresh fallen snow! Surely that is a pretty much exhausting process - but if you want to go seriously for the Hucho strike - you must endure it. While the banks all dressed up in white, rivers remain low and clear. One more thing to consider - Hucho will see you clearly on the white river bank if you do not approach stealthy and with a low profile of your body language.. 
Also the Huchen fishing lures << and January`s series of the Hucho streamers need to adapt to new water circumstances.. Lighter lures and more thin tied streamers works best. Tube Huchen streamers enable you to install small hooks, which might grab better in the Hucho`s lips.. Why? The colder the water - the more careful strikes you shall be experienced. And if the take of the Hucho is gentle, too big hooks might slide off the jaw before deeping in! 
Almost a science one could make out of this ultimate challenge - the Huchen Fishing..  Fauna Flyshop helps you out by offering carefully selected gear, Huchen Streamers and Lures which at the end might make the difference if you will get the so desired Trophy - or not. We hope you will!